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The following books on Japanese art and culture are available. All are in good to excellent condition.

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Bowie, Theodore
Art of the Surimono
Indiana, 1979. 187 pp. 111 illustrations, 8 in color
21.5 X 25.5 cm.. Paper
Good descriptions, translations of the poems.

Brooklyn Museum
Hiroshige: One Hundred Famous Views of Edo
New York, 1992. 256 pp. 118 color illustrations
25.5 X 37 cm.. Cloth, DJ
Excellent full page illustrations of each of the prints in this series with voluminous descriptions.

Coats, Bruce
Chikanobu, Modernity and Nostalgia in Japanese Prints
Leiden, 2006. 208 pp. 236 color illustrations
28.5 X 28.5 cm.. Paper
The first survey of the work of this Meiji period master.

Gentles, Margaret O.
Volume II, The Clarence Buckingham Collection of Japanese Prints; Harunobu, Koryusai, Shigemasa, their followers and contemporaries
Art Institute of Chicago, 1965. 307 pp. 538 illus., 8 in color
30.5 X 40 cm.. Cloth, slipcover
An essential reference work on the early masters of ukiyo-e.

Hillier, Jack
Suzuki Harunobu, A Selection of His Color Prints and Illustrated Books
Philadelphia, 1970. 239 pp. 151 illustrations, 9 in color
24 X 31.5 cm.. Cloth, DJ
Extensive descriptions.

Hosono, Masanobu
Nagasaki Prints and Early Copperplates
Tokyo, 1978. 165 pp. 25 color 142 B/W illus.
19 X 26.5 cm. Cloth, DJ
Japanese views of the Dutch colony at Nagasaki.

Illing, Richard
The Art of Japanese Prints
New York, 1983. 176 pp. 192 illus., 67 in color
23 X 28.5 cm.. Cloth, DJ
A general survey, with many illustrations and tables of artists' signatures and censors' seals.

Keyes, Roger
Surimono, Privately Published Japanese Prints in the Spencer Museum of Art
New York, 1984. 199 pp. 60 color illustrations plus a catalog of 268 prints, most illustrated
22 X 30.5 cm.. Cloth, DJ
Very detailed descriptions.

Kobayashi, Tadashi
Nihon Bijutsu Zenshin Volume 20 - Ukiyoe
Japan, 1991. 250 pp. 155 color, 168 B/W illustrations
26 X 37 cm.. Cloth, DJ, slipcover
General survey of ukiyoe, with a few illustrations of lacquer, ceramics and textiles. In Japanese, with descriptions for the plates in English.

Ledoux, Louis V.
Japanese Prints of the Primitive Period in the Collection of Louis V. Ledoux
New York, 1942. 186 pp. 20 color, 30 B/W illus.
26 X 36.5 cm. Cloth
Ledoux's self-published catalog of his impressive collection.

Miles, Richard
The Prints of Paul Jacoulet
Pasadena, 1982. 140 pp. 166 B/W illustrations, 19 color
20 X 25 cm.. Paper
Some wear to the cover. Additional photos in the biographical section of the book. The definitive catalog raisonne of Jacoulet's prints.

Ronin Gallery
Utamaro, 1753-1806
New York, 1978. 56 pp. 107 illus., 16 in color
21.5 X 28 cm.. Paper
Catalog of a large number of works by Utamaro.

Schwaab, Dean
Osaka Prints
New York, 1989. 288 pp. 317 color illustrations
24.5 X 30.5 cm.. Cloth, DJ
Very extensive and well illustrated survey of Osaka prints.

Stern, Harold P.
Master Prints of Japan, Ukiyo-e Hanga
New York, 1969. 324 pp. 127 color, 36 B/W illus.
22.5 X 29 cm.. Cloth, DJ
Extensive descriptions of the prints in an exhibition at the UCLA Art Gallery.

Waterhouse, David
Images of Eighteenth-Century Japan
Toronto, 1975. 234 pp. 4 color, 167 B/W illus.
23 X 30.5 cm.. Paper
Detailed descriptions of early prints from the Sir Edmund Walker collection.

Yonemura, Ann
Yokohama, Prints from Nineteenth Century Japan
Washington, 1990. 198 pp. Over 100 illus., most in color.
24 X 34 cm.. Paper
Impressive catalog of the Leonhart collection of Yokohama prints, with much historical detail.

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