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About Us — Peter and Lois Gilder

We have been buying and selling Japanese prints for over 40 years. Our initial interest in Japan grew from a passion for games. No, not the computer variety, but the thousands of years old game of Go. A pilgrimage to Japan in 1971 to study the game led to a two year stay during which Peter achieved Nidan (Second Degree Master) status. Lois spent the two years at the American School in Japan as a preschool teacher. While living in Japan, we started collecting prints depicting Go. When we returned to California, we opened Arts and Designs of Japan in Carmel selling prints, tansu, fabrics, baskets and other Japanese antiques. We soon began to specialize in prints and closed the gallery in 1978 to work from a home office. We've been in San Francisco since 1982.

We offer a very large selection of prints in all categories and price ranges. We are very actively buying all the time, so we can help clients search for specific requests or build significant collections. We have a deep interest in all aspects of Japanese culture and we are happy to share our enthusiasm for the country with our clients. We will happily direct you to some excellent vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto, or in San Francisco, for that matter.

We are members of the Ukiyoe Dealers Association of Japan, the Dutch Society and the Ukiyoe Society of America.


Peter was born in New York and graduated from Bronx High School of Science and City College of New York. He moved to California to attend Hastings Law School in San Francisco. He practiced law for two years before going to Japan.

Lois was born in Edmonton, Canada, but moved to California when she was 9. She graduated from Carmel High School and Stanford University.

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