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Artist Kuniyoshi
Title Three retainers of Minamoto Raiko (Yorimitsu) playing go while being attacked by the Earth Spider's demons
Left to right:Takiguchi Genji Tsuna (Watanabe Tsuna), Usui Sadamitsu and Sakata no Kintoki
Date 1/1861
Publisher Yamaguchiya Tobei
Format Oban triptych (30 1/4" X 15")
Comment Pristine color and condition, very full size; burnishing and mica on the black blackground
This is Kuniyoshi's second to last triptych according to Robinson. A powerful design, bringing the focus close in on the go game. Other versions of this scene show more of the monsters but this version shows the players concentrating on the game in spite of the demonic distractions.
Price Price on request
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