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Artist Kuniyoshi
Title Hijo Otake no Setsu – The story of the maidservant Otake (Dainichi Nyorai)
Date late 1840s
Publisher Tsujiokaya Bunsuke
Format Oban (10 1/8" X 14 1/4")
Comment Otake was a servant of the Sakuma family in Odenma-cho in Edo. She never wasted even a grain of rice. She was spotted by a group of mountain ascetics who were looking for the incarnation of the Nyorai Buddha. As Otake bent down to collect rice grains, a light like a halo surrounded her convincing them they had found their buddha. Otake died May 19, 1680 and was buried in Asakusa at Zentokuji.
In this design, the basket behind her head forms the halo and her reflection in the water appears as a buddha.
Price $250.
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