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Artist Sadahide
Title Yokohama Kaiko Kenbutsushi Volume 4 – Observations on the opening of the port of Yokohama
Date 1865
Format Book (6 7/8" X 9 3/8")
Comment Gray/blue embossed covers with title slip on front; 10 pages of text and 29 pages of illustrations; frontispiece with a circular title cartouche on top of eight foreign flags. Some English writing in pencil on two pages, as well as an attempt to copy the Japanese writing on the last page.
This set consists of six volumes - the first three were published in 1862, the second three in 1865. This is the first volume of the second set (noted as volume four on the last page).
Besides portraits of foreigners, and pictures of various activities, this volume illustrates a butcher shop.
Price $950.
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