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Artist Chikashige
Title Left: Onoe Kikugoro V as Tsuna's mother, who is actually the demon Ibaraki
Right: Ichikawa Sadanji as Watanabe Genji Tsuna
Play Ibaraki
Date 1883
Publisher Fukuda Kumajiro
Format Oban triptych (27 3/4" X 14 1/4")
Comment Embossing, burnishing, metallics; sheets backed and attached
At the fight at Modori Bridge, Tsuna was nearly carried off by the demon Ibaraki. He escaped by cutting off her arm, which he kept in a locked chest, guarded at all times in case she came back for it. Here, the demon appears as a frail old woman (identified as Tsuna's mother) and eventually gets Tsuna to show her the severed arm, which she promptly seizes and escapes down the hanamichi.
Price $325.
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