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Artist Kunichika
Title Left: Nakamura Shikan IV
Center: Nakamura Nakazo as Senta
Right: Sawamura Tanosuke as Oyoshi
Date 2/1866
Publisher Enshuya Hikobei
Format Creped oban triptych (18" X 8 1/2")
Comment Each sheet is backed
An excellent example of what happens to a print when it is creped. The paper is bunched together in both directions so it shrinks evenly and acquires the texture of crepe fabric. This print is backed; otherwise it would be soft and limp like fabric. The colors become more intense and the lines a little wavy. For a detailed description of the process, see "Ukiyo-e to Shin hanga" by Newland/Uhlenbeck.
Price $150.
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