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Artist Kunichika
Title From left, Kawarazaki Gonjuro as the yakko Sakihei, Bando Hikosaburo V as the yakko Otohei, Ichimura Kakitsu as the yakko Uzuhei
Date 2/1866
Publisher Enshuya Hikobei
Format Creped oban triptych (18" X 8 1/2")
Comment Each sheet is backed
An excellent example of what happens to a print when it is creped. The paper is bunched together in both directions so it shrinks evenly and acquires the texture of creped fabric. This print is backed, otherwise, it would be soft and limp like fabric. The colors become more intense and the lines a little wavy. For a detailed description of the process, see Ukiyoe to Shin Hanga by Newland/Uhlenbeck.
Price $150.
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