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Artist Kunisada (Toyokuni III)
Title Fireman's Group 10
Top: Bando Shuka as a temple acolyte (Chigo)
Bottom left: Doll, by Yoshitora
Right: Asakusa, by Sadahide
Series Edo no Hana Meisho-e – Flowers of Edo, Views of Famous Places
Date 12/1862
Publisher Katoya Seibei
Format Oban (9 1/2" X 14 1/4")
Comment The term "flowers of Edo" (Edo no Hana), can refer to fires. The title panel for each print in this series shows the lanterns and identifying standard (matoi) for one of the brigades of firefighters (hikeshi) assigned to various districts. On the west side of the Sumida River were 48 brigades named for the symbols of the kana syllabary and grouped into 8 numbered groups (1 to 10, minus the bad luck numbers 4 and 7). On the east side of the river, brigades were numbered and assigned to directional groups. Outlying districts were covered by special brigades, here designated "extra" (bangai). Each title gives the name or number of a brigade, its group, and its district, followed by the kabuki scene chosen to match it.
Price $175.
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