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Artist Kuniyoshi
Title #39 - Uematsu (Agematsu) Station
Eda Genzo, Yoshitsune's retainer, in a pine tree near the Horikawa Mansion watching the approach of Shoshun's men
Series 69 Stations of the Kisokaido
Date 7/1852
Publisher Takadaya Takejiro
Format Oban (9 7/8" X 14 1/2")
Comment Burnished pattern on the red robe
Yoshitsune and 7 of his men were sheltering in the Horikawa Mansion when Tosabo Shoshun and 60 men came to attack them at night. Yoshitsune's spies thwarted the surprise attack, and tho outnumbered, they defeated Tosabo and his men.
The Kisokaido is the route between Edo and Kyoto, running through the mountains instead of along the sea like the Tokaido (Eastern coastal highway). It follows the Kiso River much of the way. Another name for the route is Nakasendo (Mid-mountain highway).
Price $350.
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