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Artist Kunichika
Title Bunji Yonen Sesshu Daimotsu no Ura Nampu no Zu – Adverse winds at Daimotsu Bay in Sesshu in 1888
Benkei, Yoshitsune and their men attacked by the ghosts of the Taira warriors in Daimotsu Bay
Date 6/1860
Publisher Omiya Kyujiro
Format Oban triptych (29 7/8" X 14 3/8")
Comment Embossing on the sail
Three years after the Minamoto forces completely defeated the Taira at the battle of Dan no Ura in 1185, Yoshitsune was fleeing from his brother Yoritomo. Passing through the same waters, a huge storm blew up suddenly and the ghosts of the drowned Taira warriors rose up from the waves to attack Yoshitsune and his men. A very dramatic scene. Rare, early Kunichika work.
Price $2500.
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